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Ten fingers,
and ten toes.
Two eyes,
and one nose.
Two ears and two lips,
one heart in one chest.
One big home,
with one big roof.
One big fridge, 
with meals for you.
...And one kiss,
to get you through.
A Poem for Alex
To remind you that even when you're worried about the bills, or the roomies, or me, that you still have plenty to be thankful for, and that we can figure it out C':


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Kima's Bio (Because it's too big)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 8, 2014, 8:49 AM
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    Kima Kuria Aura was born in 600 AD in a realm called Glen Car by Kuria Aura (Mother) and Valintin Aura (Father). Within a few days of Kima’s birth, her family left Glen Car to return to their time of Edo Japan, to continue running their potion of central Japan (known today as the Chubu and Kanto regions). The new family’s joy at having their first child was short lived however, as within a few days of returning to their home, a battle broke out that would take Valintin’s life. This would begin Kuria’s slow decent into insanity, who at the time was the Queen of the Blood Vampires, and would take over her husband’s title as ‘War Lord’ over their portion of Japan. Because of the all the tasks that Kuria would take over after Valintin’s death, she had no time for her newborn daughter. Kima, from this point on, would be taken care of mostly by servants and instructors, and would never be allowed outside, as par to the request of Kuria. Years passed in which Kima was honed into the perfect little princess and was taught not only her lessons, but how to keep the home she and her mother shared in proper condition.
    When Kima was five, Kuria remarried to a court-martialed English General by the name of Kade Amano (Step-father), a Gargoyle Vampire. Many changes occurred with this man’s arrival into Kima’s life, the first and most prominent being the son he and Kuria would have, Deneshia Amano (Half-brother). Because Kuria was such a busy woman, she gave Kade full reign to take over her home, allowing him to make changes as he saw fit, the first change being the removal of Kuria’s inside servants, leaving Kima to take care of all the household duties, on top of her studies. The only servant that was allowed to stay was a colleague of Kade’s, who would be in charge of watching over Deneshia. Kima, a mere speed bump to an otherwise dark plot, was nothing to Kade. Thus she was seen as nothing more than a maid, though she was to continue her studies, so as not to smudge her family’s aristocratic name. Kima, lonely in her small amount of free time, would often try to play with her younger brother, but would rarely ever get the chance, the young boy always being separated from she by Kade’s colleague, or off to do something in Glen Car with his father.
    Heachai would arrive into Kima’s life after this, while she was at the age of eight. Heachai, an angel created and raised in Heaven, was to be sold to Kima’s otherwise powerful family. However, aware of what dark secrets her family withheld, he refused. Kade and Kuria were outraged, and demanded repentance for the angel’s refusal. Because of this, and because Kima’s family was such a powerful force in the politics of the world, Heachai was ripped of his halo and tossed from Heaven, plummeting to Earth to become a fallen angel.  He ended up landing somewhere in the vast forestry surrounding Kima’s home, and a hunting party was formed by Kuria and Kade to hunt him down and bring him to ‘justice’ for insulting the Aura name. They would eventually leave Kima, Deneshia, and Deneshia’s caretaker alone in the home. Kima, whom was blossoming into an early rebellious stage due to the harsh life she lived, decided that she, too, would go looking for the newly fallen angel. Unlike her family, however, she wished to save him. So the girl, not even ten at the time, climbed out her window and set off into the forestry, her first and last time she would be outside until the age of sixteen. By some stroke of luck, she would find the wounded angel first, and having no other idea what to do with him, bring him home to hide away in her closet, a good idea to her young mind. Deneshia’s caretaker would be the first to find Heachai, getting suspicious of Kima, whom would take an extra serving of food into her room to feed to the angel. The information would immediately go to Kade and Kuria. Kade, whom was outraged at Kima’s impudence and of the angel’s survival, would demand Heachai’s head. Kuria, however, whom was aware that unlike Deneshia Kima had no form of caretaker when her instructors were away, would assign Heachai as Kima’s caretaker and bodyguard. Heachai was nursed back to prime condition and, from that point on, would take care of Kima and make sure she kept up with her studies and chores.  Heachai and Kima would form an unbreakable bond from this point on, and Heachai would try his best to protect and help her throughout the life the two would live as they stayed with Kima’s family.
    During this time, Kima would notice a distinct change in her younger brother. The young boy she had seen on occasion before would suddenly become a young adult before she even hit her teens. Kima would not learn the why or how until much later, finding out that her step-father had been taking Deneshia to Glen Car in order to use aging spells on the half-breed vampire. He would turn from a little child into a young man in his early to mid-twenties, and become all but a stranger to Kima. This stranger would, however, try to spend time with his younger sister despite the sudden age gap between the two. It would become apparent though that, like his mother before him, Deneshia was not right in the mind. Realizing this, Heachai would often do whatever he could to keep the two separated, worried for Kima’s well-being. At first, these attempts would work. But, more and more often, Heachai would be asked to run errands for Deneshia, and would have no choice but to leave to go do them, leaving Kima with Deneshia. Whenever he would return, Kima would act differently. Reclusive, jittery. Not wanting to be touched. The fallen angel would also notice bite marks along her neck, and her wrists. The mark of what he could only assume to be Deneshia. Unfortunetly, there was nothing the man could do, or else he would risk being executed or removed from the home, and leave Kima permanently in danger, rather than just occasionally when he was asked to run these ‘errands’.
    By the time Kima was ten years of age, the reason for Kade wanting Deneshia to grow so quickly became obvious. Conversations at the dinner table would arise between Kade and Kuria, centering around the topic of who would take over Kuria’s massive empire after she would, eventually, die. It was forbidden for Kade to take over the throne, as he had no blood relation to his wife, and Kima being Kuria’s and Valintin’s legitimate daughter, she was the first among the two children to have the opportunity if Kuria did die. However, if she was not of a proper age when this happened, her half-brother, who was now technically older than she, would take over. This conversation would arise more and more often, with more emphasis on the possibility of Kuria’s death. Heachai saw very quickly where this entire thing would go, but as he had no interest in interacting with the other members of Kima’s family unless he absolutely had to, he did nothing to stop it. Instead, he continued doing what he did best: Protecting Kima. Finaly, one fateful night, the climax of this time in Kima’s life hit its pinnacle. Kade attempted to kill Kuria in her sleep. Things did not go as he had planned however, as Kuria was not so easily blinded from what was going on around her. The queen, aware that Kade may just attempt to kill her, called in one of her many favors to the Queen of the Gargoyle vampires, Elizabeth Beline. For many nights after the final conversation of Deneshia’s possibility in taking over her empire, Elizabeth was tasked of following Kade to see what he was up to, out of sight so as not to cause alarm. The night that Kima’s step-father attempted to kill Kuria, he was brutally killed by Elizabeth instead, whom would swoop in at the last second. The actions of this night was held away from Kima until the morning after, mostly due to the aid of Heachai, whom would keep her attention most of the day and sit faithfully by her bed the entire night, to ensure her safety. Following Kade’s death, Deneshia’s care taker was removed from the home and never heard of again, rumors drifting along that he had been killed for taking part in this treason against Kuria. Elizabeth went back to her small kingdom in England, and life returned to normal for Kima, Heachai, Deneshia, and Kuria.
    At this point, Kima’s life had taken a very taxing turn. Other than the little bit of help she was allowed to get from Heachai, she rarely ever had a break. Deneshia’s care taker was gone, leaving her with all the household chores, on top of her studying, which had become very strict now that she had reached her pre-teen years. She was also dealing with puberty and her mood swings, and was beginning to realize just how unfair her life was. The only solace she could ever find was in Heachai, whom tried very hard to always be there for Kima, any time of the day. Deneshia, however, had not ceased his habit of sending Heachai to run errands, so that he could ‘spend time’ with Kima, whom would never tell Heachai just what it was Deneshia did to her when he was not around. Deneshia’s life had also changed following the death of his father: He was now the crutch for the otherwise insane and overly stressed Kuria. While Kade was alive, Kuria would often turn to him for support in between her hectic work schedules. It was a hefty burden to bare and would often chip away at the mind, and could have quite possibly been part of the reason Kade had chosen to try and kill Kuria. This ‘burden’ was now placed on Deneshia, whom had already had a very frail mental state. Kima began to see less and less of him, and when she did see him, it was when he was speaking quietly to Kuria.
    These quiet conversations were rather suspicious, but there was nothing for Kima to do. The two spoke quietly enough that she couldn’t pick up much of what they said, and they would often change the subject when she arrived to do her chores. Heachai didn’t have much more luck on figuring out what the two were plotting, but had a sneaking suspicious it was nothing good. His suspicions were correct. In the time that Kade was alive, Kuria was all but absent as a mother for Kima, and for Deneshia. When Kade pushed the idea of Deneshia taking over her empire, the woman had refused not because she thought Kima was better suited to rule, but because she was following the rules that their culture dictated at the time. Now, with she beginning to get closer to her son, she had come to decision that he would rule in place of Kima if Kuria were to die. The rules, however, had changed since Kade had attempted to put Deneshia in as ruler. Due to warring in Southwestern countries, a rule had been instated saying that only the blood child of deceased rulers could take over their empire. It was possible for Kuria to give Deneshia her position as the Blood Vampire ruler, but not as the War Lord running most of Japan, as he was not Valintin’s son. This wasn’t good enough for Kuria, nor for Deneshia. The only possible solution was the death of Kima. However, if either of them were to try and kill Kima without reason, they would be placed under question. They could lose supporters, income, power, beneficiaries... It would have been too risky to outright kill Kima. So Kuria and Deneshia devised a plan that would ultimately be their biggest mistake. At Kima’s age of sixteen, it was decided that she and Heachai would leave the comfort of home to go and ‘experience the world.’ Kuria claimed that, if Kima were to one day rule in her place, she needed to gain more experience of the outside world. Heachai would go with her to continue acting as Kima’s caretaker and bodyguard. This was all just a ploy, however, to get Kima to leave home. Kuria and Deneshia would then hire a series of hit men and bounty hunters to go and kill Kima, which should in the end solve the issue of Deneshia being able to take over the empire after Kuria’s death. They underestimated Heachai’s resolve and skill, however, as he would prove to make this a near impossible task.
    So, for the next four years, Kima and Heachai lived the lives of adventurers. They would face many problems in their travels, some immediate, some sprouting up along the way. One of the first, most obvious problems was Kima’s innocence and slight fear of the world around her. The girl had never set foot outside aside from the singular time of saving Heachai, and hadn’t seen any other face other than that of her family, her tutors, and Heachai. Everything was new to her, and on some level, scary. Especially people. It took roughly two to three weeks to break her of her fear of every new face the two would meet, though it wasn’t altogether a bad trait in Heachai’s perspective. It was almost immediate that the two were attacked by the first bounty hunter, a cat shape shifter that tricked Kima into taking it in as a pet, and almost being killed in the night when the hunter tried to stab her in her sleep. So her fear of new people was a little helpful in protecting her, making it harder for people to carry her away when she all but ran behind Heachai whenever someone got close to them. Another problem to sprout up within three to four days of the two leaving was Kima’s addiction. It was every other day that Heachai would be sent out to run his errands so that Deneshia could have his ‘quality time’ with Kima, and it had been made obvious that the vampire had been feeding on Kima, injecting his poison into her and causing her to get addicted to it. Her body had become accustomed to getting fed on every couple of days for roughly ten years, and now that she had exceeded the assumed time to get bit, she was beginning to feel the effects of withdrawal. This issue would cause them a weeks’ worth of trouble, Kima getting too ill to move on and having to bed, were once again Heachai would have to fend off some killer after the price on Kima’s head. However, their travels weren’t always so troublesome, and did have some perks to it. Kima was, for all intensive purposes, very quick to get used to the constant movement and the occasional camp night outside. Most princesses would have had a lot of problems with living like this, but since she had never really been pampered to begin with, she adapted very quickly to it. The girl even ventured to try and learn skills that would inevitably help the two survive, buying herself botany books and learning how to sew, even learning how to cook the wild animals Heachai would bring them for meals when they had to sleep in some abandoned forestry. She could scavenge pretty well, too. And eventually, she had Heachai slowly begin to teach her how to fight. This wasn’t so easy for the young woman to learn as it was to learn how to turn some plant into soap. Fighting wasn’t about following directions; it was about being able to physically keep up with everything fighting demanded. So while she could learn and memorize movements and how to use swords, knives, and other weapons, she had issues putting them into action, as small and tiny as she was.  So, the girl left most of the fighting to Heachai, rarely ever having to try and protect herself or in some rare cases, him. Instead, she put her thin and well evened out body to other uses, like dancing and singing to earn them some change for things she couldn’t make or scavenge, while Heachai did some fieldwork or hunted down some troublesome monsters causing issues for the village folk in whatever town the two would be in. By the time Kima blossomed into her very early twenties, the two had turned their travelling life into a pattern. Travel to some place, do some work, rest, and let Kima learn whatever knew thing that had her fancy. By twenty, Kima had evened out into a very beautiful, very intelligent woman. She was stubborn, but could also be very sweet, and rather elegant. The same issue she had suffered before however pushed on: She couldn’t fight. And the hunters after the growing bounty on her, and now Heachai’s, head were getting stronger and more forceful. So when she received a letter from her mother to return home for her cleansing ritual to become a vampire, she gladly took the opportunity. Kima hoped that being turned into a vampire would make it so that Heachai would be able to have a rest, not having to constantly protect Kima from everything that came at them, now that she would have super strength, speed, agility, and senses.
    Once again, Kima and Heachai found themselves at the hands of Deneshia and Kuria, whom as usual had much more devious ideas behind the cleansing ritual Kima would be taking part in. They could not, as was already established, just kill Kima. However it had come to their attention that Heachai did not trust, nor like vampires after his time living with them. They hoped, in changing Kima, that he would eventually kill her, or possibly just leave her altogether, and make it so much easier for the hunters to kill Kima. This time, however, Kima and Heachai were not so easily blinded. Though they willingly came for the cleansing, they were prepared for whatever issues might occur. Heachai was, just as Kuria and Deneshia thought, incredibly against all of this. The idea of having Kima be changed into a monster like this sickened him, but because he wanted Kima to make her own decisions, he left the choice up to her, and loyally followed her through with it. Kima, whom only saw the pros to all of this and not the other, looming dark cons, happily went through with it. For the next week Kima and Heachai lived in house with Kuria and Deneshia, and noticed some big changes. For one, the place Kima had grown up in was all but gone, and had been replaced by a much larger complex, crawling with servants and vampire lords alike. There was an underlying change in Deneshia, whose insanity had seemed to finally blossom after being left here for so long with Kuria, and there was obvious moments where it showed. On the final night of Kima’s ‘cleansing’, he tried, one final time, to have ‘alone time’ with Kima. Heachai wouldn’t have it, all but throwing Deneshia out of the woman’s room and slamming the door in the man’s face, and staying with her throughout the night. This would also be the night that Heachai and Kima’s love, which had been blossoming incredibly with the twos travels, would take form after Kima asks for Heachai to love her for the first and final time as a human being, and not a vampire. Heachai would loyally grant Kima’s final, human wish.
    The two would share a sweet and loving night that would eventually change Kima’s decision to become a vampire. The next morning she would be quiet and thoughtful, keeping mostly to herself aside from when she would quietly speak to Heachai. Soon however, night would be upon them, and so would be the time for the ritual biting that would turn Kima into a vampire. But when it came time for the woman to make an appearance, she wouldn’t arrive, but instead grab Heachai and beg him to take her away from this place. He would happily oblige. Their escape, however, was short lived. The two would flee out onto the court yard only to find themselves surrounded by Kuria’s vampires, a fight ensuing when Heachai would refuse to give the girl up. He would fight valiantly, killing anyone who got close to Kima, but one would slip by him. Deneshia would sneak by the man in the commotion and grab his younger sister and ultimately kill her, ripping her throat out and turning her into a vampire. This would drive Heachai into an adrenaline filled wrath, the angel killing Deneshia in an angry example of just what he would do to protect the woman he loved. The example would only be topped by Kima, whom would awake and fly into a blood rage when Kuria would come very close to killing Heachai for what he’d done. Normally, when a vampire is just changed, they take months to recuperate. A blood vampire turns into a monster of a thing, killing everything in its path. Kima would be one of the few to get complete hold of herself in little to no time. Kima would end up killing Kuria just in time to save the man she loved, and would be left as the only one standing amongst the chaos that had just happened. Heachai had been badly wounded, but was far from dead, and after some pleading from Kima, the maids and servants of her old home would help to nurse Heachai back to health.
    Little did she know the real reason the maids and servants chose to help her. Kima, upon killing her mother and upon the death of her brother, was by all rights now the Queen of the Blood Vampires and the war-lord that would run over the large portion of Japan her mother had run. And while this was good news to the new vampire, she couldn’t help but be incredibly sad. She had loved her brother, despite all that he had put her through as a child and despite what he had done to her now as a vampire, leaving a huge scar on her throat in his wake. The woman couldn’t bear to lose him, nor could she bear to be the only survivor of her family. She did the only thing she could think to do, and turned Deneshia into an undead vampire.  But this only made the man’s hate for his sister fester, swearing revenge on the girl for all she had done, blaming her for his and his mother death, and condemning her for what had become of the world he was going to rule. And with that, Deneshia would all but disappear off the face of the planet, not to reappear in Kima’s life until many years later.
    Until then, Kima and Heachai would begin to piece their lives back together after the actions of that fateful day. With news of the replacement of Queen Kuria, Kima would find herself adrift among politics and problems, and in an attempt to find some peace while she not only sorted everything out, but got used to her new vampirism, she and Heachai would leave for a small cottage in Glen Car. For a few years, the two were all but non-existent in the world going on around them, aside from Kima’s iron fist over her blood vampires. She ruled far differently than her mother did, holding back her vampires and keeping them from causing as much problems for the humans as Kuria urged them to do. She commandeered land and funds and gave them to her vampires evenly, and fairly, and she promoted the idea of trying to do things much like the humans at the time were beginning to do, creating their own trade routes and markets that she would fund and send people to oversee. The area of Japan that she controlled would find itself doing the same thing, Kima fairly trying to take care of disputes and taking care of her people as if they were her own family. However, sometimes the woman would find herself having to leave Glen Car and stand beside her armies when disputes arose, and though her armies would normally win with her experience in sly tact, it was rather trying to jump from one realm to the other all the time. So she and Heachai decided it was best that they once again join the world they had all but left and returned to Kima’s old home, rebuilding it into what is known today as ‘Aura Manor’.
    With this decision, Kima and Heachai settled down and, aside from Kima’s work and the occasional problem with people still trying for her head, they lived rather normally. The two were the perfect couple, sweet and understanding to each other, and very, very happy. This happiness, and the foundation they ended up creating through the manor and Kima’s work, gave way to the idea of trying to have a child. Kima was, by this point, in her late twenties and felt it was about time she tried to recreate a better, happier family to replace the one she had before. So after some talk and planning, they left to Glen Car to give it a try. Ten exhausting months later at the hands of midwives and spellists, and Kima and Heachai returned with a beautiful baby boy they named Leo. For seven years the young boy grew and blossomed, proving to be just as sweet as his father but just as capable as his mother. He was the shining star in Kima’s life and the way point whenever she lost her path. He was her little boy, and she loved him with every part of her being, raising him with love and care.
    When Leo was seven, Heachai proposed to Kima. It was a bit of a shock, but the woman happily agreed, and to this day still wears their engagement ring on her finger. Unfortunately, the woman didn’t get to be a wife for very long, because the revenge her brother had sworn was enacted on her wedding day, shortly after she and Heachai said their ‘I do’s’. The new wife had been speaking to some of the benefactors of her work when she caught on to the scent of blood. After some panicked searching, she found out why: Her husband and her son had been killed and pinned to the chapel walls by Heachai’s own swords.
    This threw Kima into a bottomless pit of despair, the woman she had become shattering into so many tiny pieces and leaving her the mere, broken shell of the little girl she used to be. Although people attempted to console her, she would have none of it, staying alone with the corpses of the people she had loved, Deneshia’s scent strong on them. The girl did not, however, swear revenge as one would assume she would. There was a part of her that refused to accept that her own brother could be this way, but instead that there was just something wrong with him that she could, hopefully, fix. This of course was just a way for her mind to offer her a solution that wouldn’t, ultimately, make her alone in the world. Even though she was now given a new goal to pour herself into, Kima still wished to grieve. She’d lost her husband and her son, as well as the perfect life she had managed to make for herself after such a tiring childhood. This was not something she could have immediately, however, because there were things she had to do in order to ensure her deceased husband wasn’t condemned to some type of hellish fire. Due to her work, she had a lot of ties in many places, some of these including the very corrupt deities of Heaven and of Hell. With some questionable work and some called-in favors, Kima was able to come into contact with Lucifer, and made a deal with him: Heachai’s soul would be allowed to go to Heaven even though he was a fallen angel, in return for Kima’s servitude to Lucifer’s son Voltaire when she finally died. After this, Kima stored her lover and son’s dead bodies away in her family’s tomb, and all but disappeared from the face of the planet, going away to Glen Car and fading away from her vampires and from her people, not to be heard of again for a long time.
    Kima would return later not as herself, but as ‘Mary Bellaska Scree’ (Also known as Mary Bella, and MB). She was aware that if Kima, whom had completely abandoned her people and her vampires  (Whom had fallen to shambles and was in severe disarray with no leader in sight), were to suddenly return one day it would not be to welcomed arms, so she decided to take up the first of many alias’s. This alias was not immediate however, but instead followed after an accident were Kima managed to hit her head. By some miracle, this jostled her enough that she found she no longer had any phobia of water, which would prove to be convenient after she learns of a series of rings that can bring back the dead. They are ten rings, and can bring back a person whom has died into a time where they are alive, perfectly healthy and aware of themselves. These rings were scattered throughout the world, and since people were beginning to learn the powers of trade by water, they too were being taken from place to place via boat. Kima took advantage of this, and soon commandeered a ship and a crew, and became a feared pirate captain.
    For a while, Mary Bella terrorized the seas, taking down any ship that dared to challenge hers and rarely facing any loses, mostly due to her polished work as a war lord back when Heachai was still alive, all to cover up that she was actually Kima and was actually searching for the rings. She was a very stern captain and took no prisoners unless it worked in her favor, normally not sparing anyone she deemed unworthy to save. Those that were considered ‘worthy’ were far and few between, and if they were spared, it was only to become one of Kima’s crew members. This pattern would continue with no one surpassing that of a crew member, up until Kima would stumble upon a small island with a lone man on it. His name was Aubrey Lucas, and he had been surviving there for four years after being marooned by his old crew. The man had long since gone insane since being left and was nothing but a sputtering schizo, but Kima took pity on him, seeing her younger self in him. So she took him in, cleaned him up, and faced with no other choice, turned him into her thrall in an attempt to save what small shred of sanity he had left.  Her attempt to save the pitiful man worked, and with some long nights and medical attention, he proved to be a very useful man that would very easily take to being one of Kima’s crew members.
    Kima would put him to work, and he would very quickly move up in the ranks, from a simple crew member, to one of her front line men. From there, he would quickly become her first mate, and soon, her best friend. With the man moving so quickly to warm up on her, and being the first true friend she had had in a long time, Kima decided to tell him what was really going on. Though first rather appalled, Aubrey seemed to take to it very well. But, in return for keeping Kima’s secret of who she really was and what she was really doing, he made her swear she would turn him into a vampire on his death bed. Kima agreed.
    And so Mary Bellaska would continue her work as a pirate captain, greatly increased by the backup of Aubrey Lucas, always secretly hunting for these rings that she would never truly find.  During her plummeting, Kima would briefly lose her right hand to the digestive system of a particularly vile mermaid, giving her a second scar after retrieving it back and bandaging it back on, allowing her vampire healing factor to reattach it. However, the damage in the mermaid’s highly acidic stomach had been done, and so her right hand would always be a few shades pinker than her natural skin tone. It would however continue to work just as it had always done, aside from some stiffness here and there.
    Though Kima was incredibly capable as Mary Bellaska, her luck could not continue on forever, and eventually she suffered a drastic loss that not only wrecked her ship and killed most of her crew, but also severely hurt Aubrey and gave her a head injury that would jostle her fear of water back to the fore front of her mind. Unfortunately, there would be no way for her to get on land for a short while, as Kima and Aubrey would drift away from the fiery blaze of ‘The Angel’ (Her ship, named after Heachai) on nothing but a large chunk of wood. The alias of Mary Bellaska Scree would ‘die’ with her ship.
    For a few days, the nervous Kima and wounded Aubrey would drift about the ocean; lucky enough to cruise mostly calm seas and deal with very little in the way of hungry sharks and sea-animals looking for a meal. By some stroke of luck, the two would wash up on a beach on the island of what is known today as St. Anne, France. There, Kima would do her best to tend to Aubrey and eventually be forced to keep the promise she had made to the man, and turn him into a vampire. For a few months, Kima and Aubrey would live on the small island while she helped the man to get used to his new vampirism and to allow herself to get her bearings as her world, once again, changed. And, just as Aubrey had taken so easily to being a pirate, he took to being a vampire even better. The man had become a Passion Vampire, and would quickly find himself moving along the ranks just as he did before. Noticing how quickly the man was progressing and being aware that he still had to find his own way, Kima decided that now would be a good time to disappear again. However, before doing so, Kima put the Blood Vampires under Aubrey’s watchful eye, asking him not to rule, but instead just to take care of until she could return and retake her position. He happily obliged, and the two parted ways. While Kima is away, Aubrey will not only ‘find his way’, but eventually become the King of the Passion Vampires and adopt his own family.
    Once again, Kima disappears. This time is far shorter than the last, however. Word had traveled to her in Glen Car that the America’s was beginning to blossom into a very powerful state, and that there was a bum-rush for jobs there and plenty of new land to be checked. Rumor’s rolled that somewhere in the western regions, the rings Kima had been hunting for were to be found. Weary at first, Kima left Glen Car once again and departed for the world she had left, finding herself in the very Wild West. After her first attempts to find the rings, she was understandably weary. But not wanting to miss the chance of finding it, nor the opportunity to keep herself busy and maybe even find a way to fix her brother, Kima once again took an alias, becoming a bounty hunter known only as ‘Straight Jacket.’ It had occurred to her as she set out in this world that, though her goal to find the rings were logical in her need to have Heachai and Leo back, she had almost all but forgotten the goal of fixing Deneshia, since he had all but vanished. So this time in her life is mostly focused on that attempt, ‘Straight Jacket’ being a bounty hunter that portrayed the same psychosis that Kima saw Deneshia to have. She hoped that by seeking help to fix her new alias, she might be able to find a way to fix her brother, and simultaneously search for the rings.
    Straight Jacket spent her time mostly alone, travelling from one end of the land to the other, becoming well known for her quick dispatch of bounty’s and her ‘insanity’ that often played a hand in how those men and woman would be dispatched. She would also take part in many robberies and heists and often easily skirt away from officials, only to turn to doctors to ‘help her’, blaming her actions on the psychosis she faked. No one, however, seemed to give her an answer she could settle on or do anything about, claiming that she was a psychotic, and probably schizophrenic, monster. This obviously was not what Kima had wanted, assuming people would see this much like she sees Deneshia, but no one would. As for her search of the rings, she would once again turn up empty handed. Her time spent as Straight Jacket would prove mostly useless, other than claiming herself some land in the North Eastern region of what would become New York, and fetching herself a very large sum of money that she would have Aubrey stow away for her. The alias Straight Jacket would end her career when she ‘dies’ after a failed train jacking.
    The strain of trying to pretend to be insane and working to achieve something that so far was beginning to seem impossible was starting to take its effects on Kima. After the death of her second alias, she could feel herself begin to become delusional and confused. This time, known as her mad years, was typical for every vampire that had grown as old as she was. Kima, aware that this was happening to her with her experience in all things vampire, decided it was best to take a break and step away from these goals she had, and just try and survive. So, she took up the alias of ‘Elizabeth Beline’, and settled down in Germany.
    Unfortunately, the Second World War was beginning to stir, and Kima would often find herself having trouble with Nazi’s and military in Germany trying to take her under custody. Often times she would have to be very picky when she left the little underground hobble she had chosen to ‘survive’ in, and sometimes even when she was so careful, she would still have to fight her way out. In the heat of WWII Kima suffered one such moment, being stopped by Nazi’s. Upon realizing who she was, they attempted to arrest her. Kima, however, whom was still very powerful even when she was all but losing it, fought her way free and took many lives in the fray. One life she could not take however was the life of Ulrich Cross, a powerful Nazi Colonel who was a part of the group that tried to arrest her.
    Ulrich, who wasn’t too sane himself, found Kima to be intriguing, rarely being able to see something as confounding as a tiny woman being able to fight away a group of armed Nazi’s. So in hopes of learning more about Kima and possibly catching her, the man followed her around, keeping his distance as she escaped the Nazi’s that had stopped her. Kima, however, noticed very quickly, and the two ended up fighting. This time Kima did not win, losing to Ulrich, who was a practiced spellist. The woman would quickly be taken into custody by the man, and escorted to a Nazi Camp Ulrich watched over.
    Kima’s time in this camp was eye opening, but in no such way that helped her sanity. She lived different from the others but not incredibly so: Ulrich favored her, and though she was mistreated from today’s standards, she was much better treated than her fellow prisoners, fed and kept well taken care of by Ulrich for reasons she didn’t quite understand. Her fellows hated her for her special treatment, and the other guards treated her as if she owed them for the way she was favored. She lived in constant fear of one of the few things that could possibly, truly kill her in that camp: The crematoriums. Ulrich knew what Kima was but not who she was, she was merely Elizabeth Beline, a vampire that had been catching his attention more and more, and who would do as he said if he threatened to burn her alive. Somewhere along the line in the short period of time Kima found herself in that camp, Ulrich’s fascination turned to some twisted kind of love. However aware that Ulrich wasn’t a good man, Kima found herself falling for him in some warped love hate thing, Ulrich being the only man in a very long time that understood her and what she was currently going through.
    A few days after the two began to treat each other as equals of sorts, Ulrich began to notice the way Kima was treated by her fellows and his own officers. This treatment wasn’t new to him, he understood well how it all went, but he believed Kima to be different. She was peculiar and mysterious in the way her mind worked, and he didn’t intend to let the people of the camp mistreat and blemish her beautiful mind. That night, Ulrich would take ‘Elizabeth’ and disappear to England with her. This was a risk, but the two wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without being the targets of the military there as it was. Kima was a traitor to the Axis Powers as an escaped convict of the camp, and Ulrich was a traitor to the Allies as a Nazi. Together, with the ‘relationship’ they’d harbored and their intense need to survive together, they were traitors of every part to the war.  
    So the two took to England and stayed in the cellar of a theater, coming out at night for Kima to hunt and to collect whatever supplies they might need, as the two could never wander into stores or eateries like normal, everyday people. Still, the two made do, living as happily as two insane traitors of war could. Kima took to the habits of a typical undead vampire, even though she was not, sleeping during the day and only coming out at night. She found it more fitting to her personality, after embracing the insanity that Ulrich insisted she blossomed. She became different, much more flippant about the lives of others, indifferent to the emotions and needs of the people around her and of social norms. Kima was convinced that all she needed in her life was Ulrich, and if the world were to fall around her during this, so be it.
    However, word travelled of where Elizabeth and Ulrich were holed up, and one night as the two were settling down in their little hobble, they were attacked by military. A fight would ensue, and Ulrich would be killed in the fray. Kima, however heart-broken, would escape just as she always did. For a while after this, Kima would wander the streets of England and its neighboring countries and states, becoming almost non-existent in the warring world as she stumbled about, once again on her own. Much like before, she could not just step into any old place and assume she would be treated with open arms, so often she would have to steal. Slowly however, she began to get out of her insanity, ceasing the needless deaths of those that didn’t have good reason just as the war began to end. Eventually Kima would decide her mad years were over, and the alias of ‘Elizabeth Beline’ would die at the hands of military.
    The way Kima handled her mad years, or lack thereof, bothered her. She had lost herself, lost who Heachai had tried so hard to protect, the woman he insisted was so good. She broke easily, crumbled under the hands of her uncertainty and the push of Ulrich. So a few years following WWII, Kima decided it was best to attempt to instill in herself a bit more discipline, a bit more confidence. Thus, Kima decided to join the US military under the new alias of ‘Lavender Zin’, a marine.
    Much like Aubrey moved through MB’s crew when she was a pirate, Kima moved through her ranks at an incredible pace in the military. However convinced she had been that she was weak and spineless and needed this, she adapted to the routine and work incredibly well. It was almost comforting to her to have such a perfect schedule to follow, and to always have someone pointing the way for her. During her time in the Marines, Kima met a demon by the name of Hawthorne Everet. He was peculiar, far different than anyone she had met before. He was stoic, far colder than the nurturing and loving Heachai. But unlike Ulrich, he was sane and commanding, making him the ideal way-point Kima needed to help her keep on the straight-and-narrow. Hawthorne seemed to notice this, and took Kima under his wing, pushing her back onto the right path whenever she would stray from it by any means necessary.
    The two were inseparable, working together and often trying to get sent on the same work as each other. With how well they meshed and the sort of brother sister friendship they had, Kima decided it was best to tell Hawthorne the truth of who she truly was, and of her life. The man however seemed to be not the least bit bothered by it, if not maybe a bit like he knew it to begin with. Whatever the case, this changed nothing for the two, and they continued to help each other. At one point, after a long time of both of them working loyally for the marines, it came to Kima’s attention that something peculiar was up with Hawthorne. After doing quite a bit of research and digging that could have gotten her dishonorably discharged and possibly executed, she found out what made Hawthorne so peculiar. He was, in every respect, a human weapon. He was a test-tube baby made specifically by the military to be trained and honed as the perfect weapon. An experiment. This didn’t sit well with Kima, who was protective of Hawthorne, and after telling him her findings and proving it as best she could, the other decided it was best to get away before the ‘experimentation’ was continued and he was forced to do something he might end up regretting.
    So, on a mission to Saudi Arabia, Kima saw to it that Hawthorne and the alias of ‘Lavender Zin’ were killed in action due to a misplaced bomb that made their ‘bodies’ unrecognizable other than their dog tags, allowing the two to escape without being followed by pesky investigators. It quickly became apparent that Hawthorne was not at all adapted to the world that existed outside his military life, so in an attempt to slowly get him used to the world as best he could, Kima took him with her to New York, where she would finally take up the land she’d put away as Straight Jacket and rebuild a modern day version of Aura Manor. The two would stay there for a time, Kima taking some of the money she had stowed away with Aubrey to fund this attempted reestablishment of Hawthorne to the growing modern world. It went well, and though he was certainly no social butterfly, Hawthorne found himself work with another species of vampires and soon moved away from Kima to England, though they would stay in touch.
    This reestablishment to the modern world helped Hawthorne, but it also helped Kima. She had lived a full life, being many people and enjoying a surplus amount of adventures, having enough stories and life lessons to fill an entire library. So once Hawthorne left, she decided it was time to retake her throne, and finally stop running from her past. She had become intimately aware of death and life, and would thus give up on her goal to bring back Heachai and Leo. The rings did not exist, or were impossible to find. And now that she’d seen this world she dealt with, she had decided it was best to let them rest. Kima gave a call to Aubrey, now a King, and began to piece together the life she had given up for so long. The return of Kima Aura, whom had been labeled dead by the rest of her vampires and her ‘kingdom’ was a wearily accepted one. Aubrey had done as Kima asked and kept her vampires alive as best he could without stepping in and replacing her, but what she got back after all those years ago when he mother died was nothing but mess compared to what it could be. So, just as she had done before, she commandeered everything and redistributed it as fairly as she could. She found that the system of trade and markets that she had had before, during those olden times, had blossomed into a very complex black market that was slowly beginning to sink. So once again, things were changed, the woman sitting down with the markets suppliers and replacing people with those she spoke to herself and would have weekly contact with. After all this work, and far more with the world she had going still in Japan, the Blood Vampires found themselves blossoming into the same, powerful force they had been all that time ago. Kima had, once again, gained her vampires favor.
    Within a few years, Kima had taken over the world she’d left with an iron fist, and created an incredibly prosperous backdrop for her species. It may have even been argued that Kima was doing better for her vampires now than she had done for them when she was just a fledgling vampire. This would continue to be steady until the present time in Kima’s life.
    After a while, once Kima had settled down to her life and began to build up a normal, logical routine, Aubrey came back from his busy work schedule to introduce her to a man by the name of Gaston Clyde. Gaston was a new vampire of a few years and the prince to the Gargoyle Vampire royalty, following his two brothers and his adopted mother. He was also a very close friend to Aubrey, whom thought that Gaston and Kima might find that they were very similar. This held true, and Kima fell for the man, even though he had severe anger issues at times. It was decided after a time of dating that the two would marry, both because they wish to, and also because their breeds of vampire (Blood and Gargoyle) were dying out, and they hoped to bring them together into one Royalty by this wedding. The wedding was wonderful, and was not disturbed by Kima’s brother, whom had not shown his face in a very long time. Following the wedding, as a sort of attempt to truly cement the Blood/Gargoyle ideals, Kima and Gaston left to Glen Car to have a child.
    It had been an incredibly long time since Kima had had a child, and because of this, some of the more obvious facts had been lost to her memory, stored away in journals tucked in the bookcases of her library. The two left Glen Car within three months, too early for the child to survive in the wound due to Kima’s vampirism. Within a few miles of leaving the boundaries of Glen Car, Kima got violently ill, and after an emergency examination, it was determined that their child had died. Kima was devastated…Gaston was mad. It is not unheard of for newly made vampires to lose control of their emotions and better judgment, at times lashing out on friends and family and spouses in fits of emotion, a more docile version of a blood rage. This occasion happened between Gaston and Kima. The man flew into a rage after a teary eyed conversation between he and his wife, and he beat Kima within every inch of her life. They divorced very quickly after, Kima unable to stay near Gaston without flinching every moment he moved too fast, constantly fearing for her safety even though she knew that he didn’t intentionally mean to hurt her all that time ago. This would strain the relationship between the Gargoyles and the Bloods, and cause feuds between them that still exist to present day. These feuds have not broken out into war, however.
    After this, Kima would retreat once again to her mansion. However, for the first time, she would not be alone. Aubrey, who cared deeply for Kima even though she had left him for so long, would stay with her while she healed from the abuse both physically and emotionally. This would be the very thing Kima would need to rebound from this, not running away as she had grown so used to doing. She would heal, and continue to rule just as she had before.
    During Kima’s time from the span of retaking her throne to now, she would face a Reaper that would ultimately cut her in half. After extreme healing and magic attention, and on extreme part of her vampire abilities, she would heal, but have a long scar circling her entire waist right below her navel.
    Kima can be found now at Aura Manor in New York, deciding that with all the multi-cultural touches and with the amount of blood Vampires found there, it was best to live there and not her homeland of Japan.

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